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" takhallikan dirimu dari terjerumus ke lembah noda serta sikap bermain-main dengan perjuangan.. tahallikan dirimu dengan sifat sebenar seorang wanita yang hidup dengan perjuangan, pengorbanan serta jihad dan kefahaman juga dambaan syahid "

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Universiti Duniawi vs Universiti Tarbiyah

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all...

SubhanAllah, alhamdulillah, Allahuakhbar!

I wish i can write more, but the gravity is so strong that my eyelids are closing. Hoho. Alhamdulillah, i love what i'm now apparently, althought things turn out to be hard and tough. I keep reminding myself to be positife and upgrade day by day, insyaAllah.

The coolest thing is to comfort patients. Regard them as thought they are your own parents. MasyaAllah...give more..insyaAllah you'll gain more; especially Allah's love ")

Ok, straight to the main point...

Disebabkan saya tersangatlah suka berbelog...so, rasanya ada baiknya letak REMINDER here..so, when reading here I can see that TOO many things that i need to cover!!,

*to everyone please do ignore this entry...tq..

Takwim Universiti Duniawi

1) resume+cover page+cover letter

2) case study for burn

3) case study for capd/hd

4) teaching plan for health education

5) report of HE

6) presentation of HE

7) medical-surgical attachment

8) med-surg case study

want some more??

9) report for research

10) research presentation

11) examination

anything else?

12) med-surg posting

13) bintulu posting

not yet finish...

14) 1st professional exam!! *bg besar cket.. one of important thing!

Takwim Universiti Tarbiyah...

opps!!!! error.... 

not be able to publish here.. please refer to ur document folder in JIK folder..tq.. but, what is the main thing is ur schedule in university tarbiyah is berkali ganda compare with ur university duniawi..have to remember that..kewajipan lebih banyak daripada masa..so please do take note bout this..

And now i realize that i have too many things to do and for sure please do remember there is no time to gelak2, to main2, to angan2 and so on...

Allah..forgive me when i whine..kdg2 termengeluh.. sy bukan manusia kalis dosa, but do improve day by day.. that is human..

Life is about doing things for the sake of Allah and to obey Him.  Try to smile. as much as possible..no matter how hard things might turn out to be..insyaAllah everything will change for the better..amin!

Workloads are not excuses! (an important reminder to myself!)!!